Tech Focus at Making and Formulating Cosmetics – MiCo Milano

11:30 – 11:50
Room Green 1

The Importance of Anti-Pollution and the Protection of the Microbiome

Authors: Maria Lueder-Specht, Qenax AG 

In times of a quickly changing environment due to industrial growth in all parts of the world, the threat of pollution is growing. A high degree of pollution has an impact on our natural skin microbiome that needs an efficient protection to be kept functional as a first line of defense for our skin. An extensive increase of ROS and RNS as a reaction of pollution can be observed. The increase of ROS and RNS is not just attacking our skin but also the microbiome on our skin and weakens it. With Cayoma Grapefruit and Cayoma Green Coffee the formation of ROS and RNS as a reaction of oxidative stress is drastically reduced. Plant polyphenols like Naringin amongst others in Grapefruit and Chlorogenic acid in Green Coffee help to keep the defense line active in several aspects. Beside a strong detoxification and anti-glycation effect that both support our natural, inbuildt protective shield, Cayoma Anti-Pollution prevents a loss of elastin and collagen and provides a high prevention of epidermis dryness.

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