Our best proposal of chemicals for rubber, plastic and special filler compounds. The optimal solution for raw materials transformation and production industries.

The ideal partner to find the best formulations: ranging from oils for automotive and manufactoring, to industrial lubricants used in metal working.

Always abreast with current trends, we can satisfy the needs of make-up and pharmaceutical industries.

Nutraceutical and naturally sourced raw materials, an always expanding and evolving sector

A complete selection designed for formulations of water-based, solvent-based and hot melt adhesives.

EICO Novachem has devoted its resources to research and production for more than 40 years, facing an always more knowledgeable and exigent market oriented for the use of natural products.

A wide and complete range of solutions ideally tailored to formulators who produce paints and varnishes of any kind.

Our offer of chemical detergents and surfactants for industrial, professional and home usage.

Special products designed for conditioning paper and with shielding, releasing and anti-flame properties.

Performing solutions for the production of textiles and leather goods.

In order to face the increased demand of naturally sourced raw materials, we offer green, 100% organic, eco certified products.

Traditionally strong in production of flame-resistant and ceramic raw materials, using special fillers and high-efficiency dispersants.