The main fields of application for LPDE waxes (low density polyethylene) and HDPE (high density polyethylene) are inks, lacquers, plastic materials and polishing products.  Microcrystalline wax can also be used as lubricants while processing die-cast aluminum.

For more than 20 years we have been selling chemical additives and we have a new wide range of unique products available on the market, such as PE synthetic waxes. These chemicals have technical features similar to those of montan waxes and can be used for many applications.

We use Ceralene® 691, 693 and 694, optimal alternatives to montan wax for plastica materials, differing in melting point and acidity index.

Recently we’ve added polar copolymers Ceralene® CP 15M, CP 30M and CP 45M, ideal as internal lubricant for PVC production, as compatibility enhancer between polar and non polar resins and with added fibers and fillers, in hot melt products such as adhesion enhancers and as dispersing additives in colored masterbatch (i.e for PS, PC o ABS).

Our range of waxes is moreover enhanced by the new PE functionalized and oxydised waxes, such as Ceralene® 326 or Ceralene® 719, with differing acidity indexes.


EICO Novachem supports its clients with special technical assistance to formulate new products, designed and customized to fit the client’s specifications. Indeed, we offer technical support and advanced and always updated certifications. EICO Novachem’s customer service is boosted by the assistance of the original producer. We are always available for any technical or commercial need and to help out with the formulation.

Our technologists are consistently researching new formulations, new products to better meet market needs. We also use new technologies in order to protect the environment, focusing on non-solvent-based, low metal content products. We pay close attention to sourcing eco-sustainable raw materials and we evaluate new technologies with an eye to respecting the environment, developing solvent-less and low-metal content products.