EICO Novachem supplies exceptionally performing products suitable to all industries that use coating, due to the collaboration with the best world producers of raw materials for paints, varnishes, inks and resins.

Raw materials for resin production

We offer a broad and complete portfolio of solutions for formulators who design paints and varnishes in every field of application and industry:

  • additives for resin production
  • micronized waxes and microcrystalline waxes
  • anti-corrosion and technologic additives
  • special fillers.

We also offer solutions for graphic arts industries such as resins and micronized waxes, suitable as raw materials for inks, both water and solvent based, which can be used in flexo, roto, overprint varnish applications on various mediums such as paper, cardboard, nonelastic and flexible plastic films, fabrics and non woven fabrics, wallpaper, tissue.

Here at EICO, resin producers will find the best solutions available in our range of thixotropic modifiers, additives, fillers and micronized waxes. We also supply epoxy modified prepolymers, usually employed in epoxy resins production, improving mechanical and anti-flammable properties.

Wood coating

We closely monitor our clients’ demands, always updating our supply based on market demands. For example, we supply the best available chemicals for two main industries, such as wood varnish and wood_stain production. We also distribute products for wood treatments both for indoor and outdoor use, based on several kinds of adhesives such as those used in purlins indoors and outdoors (i.e. timber frames and beamed ceilings)

Other applications for wood treatments in construction industry:

  • arbors
  • indoor and outdoor floorings
  • indoor and outdoor floorings

Industrial coating

We supply raw materials for metal and plastic protection for industrial purposes.

Effect of abrasion, corrosion and mechanical stress on metal can be reduced using these products. Coatings for plastics protect against stress and wear.

Automotive coating

Our catalogue also includes products for car interiors, products which have been endorsed by renowned automotive manufacturers.

Construction and water-based paints coating

Our range of raw materials for paints, varnishes, inks and resins also includes additives used in plasters, weather-resistant siloxane paints and in polishes.

We also supply a wide array of water-based paints for construction companies.

Our coating range includes products for:

  • Decorative coating (glitter, glass beads and additives for decorating purposes)
  • Decorative coating (glitter, glass beads and additives for decorating purposes)
  • Powder coating (epoxy, epoxy-polyester, polyester)

Anti-corrosive pack

We offer a complete anti-corrosive package. It is a very effective product, formulated with a water-based resin, new generation liquid polymer corrosion inhibitors and waxes. Contact us for all technical and commercial details.


Our products can be specifically designed and customized on request, assisted by tech support and with advanced and always updated certifications. EICO Novachem supports its clients with the assistance and cooperation of the original producer. We are always available for any technical or commercial need and to help out with the formulation.

Out technologists are consistently researching new formulations, new products to better meet market needs. We also use new technologies in order to protect the environment, focusing on non-solvent-based, low metal content products.

Chemicals for coatings, Inks, and Resins


Acrylic emulsionsEurocryl BC
Styrene- acrylic emulsionsEurocryl BC
Poly-urethane emulsionsEurocryl EP
Acrylic - Hybrid emulsions /PUEurocryl EH
Vinyl emulsions - vinyl acrylic emulsionsEurocryl BV
SBR lacticesLATEX L


Treated fumed silicaCAB-O-SIL TS
Untreated fumed silicaCAB-O-SIL
Fumed Alumina
Magnesium Aluminium SilicatesVangel; Veegum


Micro crystalline Waxesmju:wax
Paraffin waxesmju:wax
Polyolefin Mycronized compounds with PTFE, CarnaubaCERALENE; VISCOCER
Polyethylenic and polypropylene WaxesCERALENE, ADDIMER
Oxidised Polyethylenic WaxesCERALENE, ADDIMER
Polyesther modified PE WaxesDunamicrowax DMW
Micronized WaxesDunawax DWC, Redezon


Anticorrosive additives based on liquid polymersAdditive G
Flash rust inhibitorAdditive F2M


Pyrogenic aluminaSPECTRAL
Expandable , Synthetic and natural GraphitesTG; EP
Glass beadsSiLi beads
Decorative glass beadsDeco beads
HollowbeadsSiLibeads Hollow
GlittersGlass Beads


Magnesium Aluminium silicatesVan Gel; Veegum
Dispersing agentsDarvan
Drying agentsActiv 8
Thioazolinone-free preservatives


Fatty Acids derivativesGreenfac
Stearic acid, Isostearic acidGreenstearine
Polyethylene glycolPEG 4000, PEG 6000
Olive-based (and derivates) fatty acids


Special AntifoamStruktol SB
Silicon based AntifoamStruksilon D
soy lecithinT100
Dispersing agentsZephrym, Synperonic


Rubber modified Epoxy ResinsPOLYDIS; POLYCAVIT
Epoxy Resins, flame retardantsPOLYPHLOX
Halogen-freeIsoQure UR,

­Specific regulations, REACH and safe usage

Our techs, working closely with factory representatives, will help you choose the products that better suit your needs. We will offer assistance in developing new formulations and for any request regarding rules and regulations, REACH and any bureaucratic step needed for safe usage of our products.