EICO Novachem has a broad portfolio of chemical products for cleansers and finishes, for industrial, professional and home use:

  • hard-surface cleaner
  • hard-surface cleaner
  • laundry detergent (professional and home use)
  • dishwasher

Our supply includes thixotropic modifiers, both natural and synthetic in origin, such as pyrogenic silica, silicone defoamers and modified phosphonates, which can replace EDTA (Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid – It is an aminopolycarboxylic acid commonly in cleaning agents production, but whose presence prevents the use of ECO-LABEL).

Moreover we supply a degreaser which can replace D-lemonene, perfect compound for degreasers and paint strippers. This degreaser is VOC free and as such it is a low-environmental impact and low-ecological impact solvent.

Our offer of chemical products for cleansers and finishes includes:

  • dispersants and sequestrants
  • defoamers
  • thickeners for hard-surface cleansers
  • additives for car detergents
  • additives for glass detergents
  • products for the formulation of  laundry detergents
  • products for the formulation of dishwasher soap
  • additives for sparkling aids

Powder detergents

We can also provide a basic array of sodium-based soaps and defoamers for producing powder detergents, both professional and homemade.

Oven cleaners and vertical surfaces cleaners

Our range of smectic clays can be employed in the formulation of oven cleaners, vertical surfaces cleaners, cleansing creams and gels and in any other application with extreme pH or with a high percentage of surfactants, which will clash with traditional thickeners and thixotropic modifiers.


EICO Novachem supports its clients with special technical assistance to formulate new products, designed and customized to fit the client’s specifications. Indeed, we offer technical support and advanced and always updated certifications. EICO Novachem’s customer service is boosted by the assistance of the original producer. We are always available for any technical or commercial need and to help out with the formulation.

Out technologists are consistently researching new formulations, new products to better meet market needs. We also use new technologies in order to protect the environment, focusing on non-solvent-based, low metal content products. We pay close attention to sourcing eco-sustainable raw materials and we evaluate new technologies with an eye to respecting the environment, developing solvent-less and low-metal content products.

Chemicals for cleaning products


Modified phosphonatesDytcatio
Modified oxidized phosphonatesDytcatio AO


Xanthan gumVanzan
Smectic claysVeegum, Vangel
Treated pyrogenic hydrophobic silicaCAB-O-SIL TS
Untreated pyrogenic hydrophilic silicaCAB-O-SIL


OleinDytcatio AO
Fatty acids derivativesGreenfac
Stearic and isostearic acidGreenstearine
Sodium-based soap base formulasGreensavon
Polyethylene glycolPEG 4000, PEG 6000


Special defoamersStruktol SB
Silicone defoamersStruksilon D


Degreasers and VOC free solventsPrifer

­Specific regulations, REACH and safe usage

Our techs, working closely with factory representatives, will help you choose the raw materials that better suit your needs. We will offer assistance in developing new formulations and for any request regarding rules and regulations,  REACH and any bureaucratic step needed for safe usage of our products.