Privacy policy about the processing of personal data in accordance with Art. 13 of EU Regulation 679/2016

We hereby inform you that, in accordance with Art. 13 of EU Regulation 679/2016 “concerning the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data” (hereafter referred to as the “Regulation”), the data you provided or we acquired during our business operations will be handled appropriately, legally and transparently to protect your privacy and your rights.

The data Controller is: EICO NOVACHEM S.r.l. (hereafter referred to as the “Controller” or “Company”), whose offices are at no.4, Via Cosimo del Fante, 20122 Milano, in the person of its temporary legal representative sharing the company’s same address.

EICO NOVACHEM S.r.l. will only process your data for the following purposes:

a) to carry out the preliminary operations required for closing the contract;

b) to fulfil all its contractual obligations in the form of all the processing, executive and managerial operations required for setting up the business partnership and executing the contract;

c) to fulfil the obligations set down in laws, rules, national/community norms, civil and fiscal regulations regarding the Controller’s operations and any agreements in place;

d) to send technical, business and promotional information about providing the services referred to in the contract or other related services;

e) aggregated and anonymous data processing for internal statistical-comparative purposes.

The lawful basis for processing the personal data referred to in letters a), b), c) and e) of the data processing aims and purposes is the specific contract set up and the fulfilment of any legal obligations connected with it. The processing of the data you have provided is required for executing the aforementioned contract to which you are party. Failure to provide your consent will make it impossible to set up and/or continue and execute the contractual obligations properly and any associated legal obligations. Your data will be stored at EICO NOVACHEM S.r.l.’s registered  office for the time prescribed by fiscal regulations and the rules set down in the Civil Code.

The lawful basis for processing personal data referred to in letter d) of the aims and purposes is your express consent to the processing of your data and failure to provide this consent will make it impossible to carry out these operations. The data will be stored at EICO NOVACHEM S.r.l.’s registered office for the period of 24 months set down in the regulation on this matter issued by the Data Protection Officer on 24/02/2005.

All data will be processed properly and transparently, both manually and by electronic/computer means; they will be filed away in suitable paper and/or computer archives or on some other suitable support and constantly monitored by means of appropriate operating procedures and security measures in accordance with what is established in art. 32 of the Regulation guaranteeing the security and privacy of personal data to prevent this data from being lost, used illegally/inappropriately or accessed by unauthorised persons. The data will be stored at EICO NOVACHEM S.r.l.’s registered office for the time prescribed in the fiscal regulations or the rules set down in the Civil Code.

The data will not be shared and, apart from being processed internally by authorised persons at EICO NOVACHEM S.r.l., may only be disclosed for the purposes referred to above to the following subjects:

  • subjects processing these data as external processing Controllers appointed by EICO NOVACHEM S.r.l. in its role as the processing Controller, who need to access the data to carry out specific business operations on behalf of the company that are necessary or useful for carrying out our business (computer service companies, administrative outsourcers, tax consultancy, legal and financial offices, professionals);
  • subjects who will handle the data as independent Controllers for the purposes described in this policy and only as far as is required for fulfilling contractual obligations and relative legal obligations (e.g. banks) and public/private subjects allowed access to the data in accordance with EC regulations, laws or standards within the confines of these regulations

An updated list of authorised data processing controllers and subjects can be consulted at the data processing Controller’s head office.

In accordance with art.15 and subsequent articles of the Regulation, you are entitled to ask the data processing controller to allow you to access your data, rectify or erase the said data and restrict the processing of your data. You have the right to oppose the processing of your data, exercise your data portability right, and appeal to the Data Protection Officer to protect your personal data in accordance with art. 77 of EU Regulation 679/2016.

You will follow the above procedures when making requests to the personal data processing Controller

Data processing controller