EICO Novachem is equipped with unique skills and experiences in the field of chemical products for lubricants. We are the ideal partner to boost our clients’ competitiveness and satisfy the always increasing and expert market’s need for raw materials for lubricants and metal working.

This field is structurally struggling to evolve with experimented formulations born of years of research, and we will be the partner you were looking for, thanks to our guarantee of expertise and high standard technical knowledge. EICO will be able to assist you in finding the best formulations suitable for your performance needs.

Tech assistance and field specific consultancy

Ranging from oils for automotive and industries, to industrial lubricants for metalworking, EICO offers specialized and customized technical consultations. We can offer assistance for the final application, for manufacturing, for automotive, for oils and greases and for all metal working related products.

We can assist you in conforming your formulations to current laws and regulations and to pass the related tests

Our distributed materials includes a wide range of specialties for the production of:

  • greases
  • automotive and manufacturing oils
  • cutting fluids (oils)
  • whole and emulsifiable oils
  • metal working oil.

Our product catalogue includes:

  • detaching agents
  • detergents
  • anti-corrosive additives
  • biocides
  • temporary protective agents
  • process fluids
  • metal-quenching additives
  • forging and welding additives.


EICO Novachem supports its clients with special technical assistance to formulate new products, designed and customized to fit the client’s specifications. Indeed, we offer technical support and advanced and always updated certifications. EICO Novachem’s customer service is boosted by the assistance of the original producer. We are always available for any technical or commercial need and to help out with the formulation.

Our technologists are consistently researching new formulations, new products to better meet market needs. We also use new technologies in order to protect the environment, focusing on non-solvent-based, low metal content products. We pay close attention to sourcing eco-sustainable raw materials and we evaluate new technologies with an eye to respecting the environment, developing solvent-less and low-metal content products.

Raw materials for lubricants and metalworking

Fatty Acids and derivatives

Fatty Acids and derivativesGreenfac
Fractioned fatty acidsPrifrac
Oleic acidGreenolene
Stearic acidGreenstearine

Anti-oxidizing additives

Phenols Anti - oxidants
Amines Anti - oxidants
TMQ Anti-oxidant


Bauxite, both for filler use, and for metalworking

Polyethylene waxes

Non-oxidized polyethylene waxesCeralene
Oxidized polyethylene waxesViscocer
Low-penetration polyethylene waxesCeralene
High-penetration polyethylene waxesCeralene
Graphite-based polyethylene waxesCeralene
Micronized polyethylene waxesmju:wax
Modified and functionalized polyethylene waxesAddimer


Synthetic estersRadialube/Radia
Phosphoric estersRadialube/Radia
Fatty acids estersRadialube/Radia
Mono-alcohol estersRadialube/Radia
Unsaturated polyol estersRadialube/Radia


Animal glycerinGreencerine
Vegetal glycerin 99,5%Greencerine
Glycerin from olive

Colloidal dispersions

Graphite colloidal dispersions in waterBonderite/SLA/Aquadag
Graphite colloidal dispersions in mineral and synthetic oilOildag/SLA/Bonderite
Graphite colloidal dispersions in alcohol and solventBonderite/SLA
Graphite colloidal dispersions in thermoplastic resinBonderite/SLA
Molybdenum disulfide colloidal dispersions in waterBonderite/DAG/Molydag
Molybdenum disulfide colloidal dispersions in oilBonderite/DAG/Molydag
Molybdenum disulfide colloidal dispersions in organic solventsBonderite/SLA
PTFE colloidal dispersions in waterBonderite/SLA
PTFE colloidal dispersions in alcohol and organic solventsBonderite/Emralon
Boron nitride colloidal dispersions in waterBonderite/SLA
Boron nitride colloidal dispersions in oil, alcoholBonderite/SLA
Boron nitride colloidal dispersions in organic solventsBonderite/SLA


Naturally occurring graphite
Synthetic graphite
Amorphous graphite
Cristalline graphite
Layered graphite
Layered graphite

Corrosion and rust inhibitors

Organic corrosion inhibitorsG50
Water-based systems corrosion inhibitorsG50-50
Solvent-base systems corrosion inhibitorsG50 S
Flash rust inhibitorsF2M

Biocides and Fungicides

Our biocides and fungicides, suitable for metalworking fluids, lubro-refrigerants and water-based systems, are extremely innovative and compliant with new regulations, as they are formaldehyde-free, free of formaldehyde donors and isothiazolinone They are extremely stable, even in extreme pH or temperature and have a favorable toxicology profile. NON labeled. Biocide and fungicide formaldehyde-freeES-OPM

Magnesium silicate and aluminum silicate


Fumed silicaCab-O-Sil
Treated fumed silicaCab-O-Sil TS
Hydrophobic fumed silicaCab-O-Sil
Dispersed fumed silicaCabosperse
Fumed aluminaSpectral

Other products

Candelilla wax
Carnauba wax (flakes and powder)
Pour Point depressant
Xanthan Gum
Hydroxyethyl cellulose
Soy lecithin
Dry lubricants
Methyl cellulose
Rheology modifiers
PEG (various molecular weights)

­Specific regulations, REACH and safe usage

Our techs, working closely with factory representatives, will help you choose the products that better suit your needs. We will offer assistance in developing new formulations and for any request regarding rules and regulations,  REACH and any bureaucratic step needed for safe usage of our products.