Our raw materials portfolio for paper production is focused on specific products for pulping and for special surface properties: shielding effects, release effects and non-flammable properties. These are water-based dispersion adhesives, mainly used in corrugated fiberboard for the produce industry, in food-grade paper, in protective packaging, security packaging and non-slip packaging.

The selection is rounded out by antifoaming agents for pulp and paper industry, cross-linking agents, plant cleaning products, paraffin and special fillers.

Use for raw materials for paper production

These can be mainly used in:

Shielding agents are spread over surfaces or used to saturate paper. Just like finishing coating, they give hydro-repellent (water and steam) properties and oil and grease resistance to paper.

Release agents, are used for their separating properties, can be found in paper tape.

Thermal conductive sealants, these are applied hot, and are suitable eco-friendly sealing solutions for packaging.

Non-slip products, water-based chemicals spread over cardboard packaging. Ideal for steady stocking, the packages won’t slip when stored and stocked. They also have protecting properties, preventing scratches to the surfaces or vibration caused damages.

Pulp and paper plant specific cleaning products.

Paraffin, used to provide hydro-repellant properties to paper and cardboard.

Safety paper such as flame-resistant paper, very suited to the combination of construction and paper industry, for liners for fire-proof fiberboards, honeycomb structures for walls and doors, fiberboards merchandising paper and cardboard points of purchase.


Our products can be specifically designed and customized on request, assisted by tech support and with advanced and always updated certifications. EICO Novachem supports its clients with the assistance and cooperation of the original producer. We are always available for any technical or commercial need and to help out with the formulation.

Out technologists are consistently researching new formulations, new products to better meet market needs. We also use new technologies in order to protect the environment, focusing on non-solvent-based, low metal content products.

Chemicals for Paper


Shielding agentsUkaphob, Ukadur
Release agentsUkaphob
Thermal conductive sealantsUkadur
Non-slip productsUkaphob
Flexographic press productsUkaprint
Flame resistant productsUkadur X
Cross-linking agentsUkacross
Slip agentsEvoral


Special defoamersDespumol, Struktol SB


Plant cleaning productsSilastan


Glass beadsSiLibeads
Decorative glass beadsDecobeads
Hollow glass beadsSiLibeads Hollow Glass Beads


­Specific regulations, REACH and safe usage

Ask us to contact you (link: mailto:email_commerciale): our techs, working closely with factory representatives, will help you choose the products that better suit your needs. We will offer assistance in developing new formulations and for any request regarding rules and regulations,  REACH and any bureaucratic step needed for safe usage of our products