ethics, transparency and reliability

The Quality Policy is defined by the General Management of Eico Novachem and is based on the principle of serving industrial markets as suppliers of raw chemical materials with ethics, transparency and reliability, both for customers and suppliers, in line with European regulations.

The Quality Policy defines objectives, projects and commitments towards our customers, the market, employees and shareholders, according to corporate strategies and corporate culture, with a continuous improvement perspective. The Company is commitmented to implementing and improving the performance of the Quality Management System, maintaining adherence to the regulatory requirements and applicable cogent requirements.

Our Quality Management System, as described and defined in the present document, must be compliant with the commitments made by the General Management towards the interested parties.

To obtain the objectives and achieve maximum satisfaction of those interested, all company functions are involved for the maintenance and implementation of the Quality Management system.

Therefore, Eico Novachem’s mission is to ensure maximum satisfaction for our customers and all interested parties supplying raw materials for the industry, through a continuously improving service.

In order to seek and maintain an important position in the market and to achieve customer satisfaction and loyalty, Eico Novachem is constantly committed to:

  • Always looking for new products of high technological level and formulation to be offered on the market.
  • Making technical and formative advice available to customers, via commercial technicians, who are experts in each field of application.
  • Ensuring a flexible and reliable service for every type of product and packaging.
  • Adopting innovative and reliable technical and IT tools, resulting in a more efficient organization, whilst improving inventory, product and documentation flow management and speeding up product distribution.

To fulfil its mission, Eico Novachem intends to:

  • always keep up to date a Quality Management System as a tool to achieve objectives, respect all commitments undertaken, promote a continuous improvement of business processes, ensure compliance with mandatory requirements for products and related services;
  • adopt an integrated risk management system, in order to ensure that for all products distributed and for the service offered, the residual risk is reduced to a minimum;
  • engage our energies and abilities to listen to indications, suggestions and customer complaints, to be able to satisfy their needs with a continuous improvement perspective;
  • consolidate relationships with commercial partners in order to assure customers of products of higher value, of high technical level and formulation with constant quality, accompanied by all technical documentation and formulation suitable to provide new ideas and practical help;
  • provide products and services that comply with all requirements imposed by current legislation, with particular regard to the REACH legislation in order to ensure the safety and health of users;
  • disseminate appropriate culture and methodologies in the organization so that anyone who works there is constantly able to provide the best service expected by the client;
  • ensure a high level of satisfaction of all employees through the search for maximum trust and sense of responsibility.

We do the best for

Our Customers, through innovative products and a tailored, flexible and dynamic service which is able to fulfil a wide range of requests and needs.

Our suppliers / principals, through a trusting and transparent relationship, by exchanging information, providing regular updates on the markets, and by tracking market demand, in order to be a strategic and reliable partner for the Italian market.

Our employees, who contribute to maintaining a safe, serene and stimulating work environment, increasing the value of every resource.

The property which is committed every day to encourage a continuous growth in productivity and profitability over the years, maintaining financial stability and above all continuous improvement in every business process, essential for the affirmation of the Quality Policy.

The Quality policy is reported through our web site and periodically reviewed with the management review.