Success story

Eico Novachem is a family business, in the italian market for more than 40 years, and has become ont of the most important multi-national business for chemical specialties.

Eico Novachem deals in raw materials for any industry, thanks to its sales department which is trained and knowledgeable about any field of application.

Our strenght is offering our cliente both QUALITY and SERVICE.

Product QUALITY is guaranteed by the original’s producer brands and by keeping original packaging to deliver the goods. Warehouses situated in tactical locations allow us to guarantee a flexible SERVICE, customizable to our customer’s specific needs. Due to our stocking the goods and the availability to make deliveries all over the world in a matter of few days, we can release a small amount of goods and we can schedule sales and deliveries.

In many instances, we have been able to create partnerships and synergies with our customers, to get to a common solution through studies and researches, and the aid of our technical personnel to produce formulas and give advice on how to use raw materials.

Eico Novachem, together with technicians from the original companies, recurrently organizes trainings and refresher courses to study new products and applications, and is engaged in solving formulation and production related problems.

Many of this educational meetings are coordinated with our clients, to discuss definite problems or present newly published studies.

Constant dialogue with our clientele allows us to offer complete assistance before and after sale, even to formulate new solutions.

Our partnership with every client enriches esponentially our knowledge and boosts our professional growth, giving us an edge on anticipating market evolution and offer our contributions to innovation.

Eico Novachem operates with 3 outsourced warehouses, able to process orders in real time.

The main warehouse is 5000 sq m is divided into dedicated areas according to the different products and licenses needed to stock the goods, e.g. dangerous goods, flammables, pharmaceuticals and food.

Stock checking and real time order processing are guaranteed by the integrated IT-admin system operating in our offices, customer service and our warehouses

This empowers us to offer our clientele a minimum guaranteed stock, available product and fresh materials, thanks to batch turnover and FIFO policies.

In addition to the main warehouse, locate in Tribiano (Milano), Eico Novachem also uses other locations in tactical positions to better serve customers based in North-east, Central and South Italy. One of our warehouses is devoted to mineral oil-based products, with UTF license

Our strength is being able to offer our customers a guaranteed quality and flexible service.