Factices: raw materials for rubber industry

An ingredient of organic origin derived mainly from edible vegetable oils, factice is often a essential auxiliary for high quality mixes.

Factice not only significantly improves the surface appearance of articles during injection, compression, extrusion, and calendering processes, but also gives exceptional dimensional stability that can not be achieved with any other additive family.

It is an irreplaceable ingredient for a large number of applications:

  • Flexible or special profiles
  • Rollers for printing: a unique ink transfer quality
  • Flexible laminated sheets: high surface and high quality resistance
  • Gaskets: increases solvent resistance

A factice can be an improvement if compared to other additives, “process agents”, homogenizers and other protecting agents for dynamic aging by UV, Oxygen and Ozone radiation stress.

In conclusion, in order to improve the performance in surface quality, chemical resistance and aging, as well as physical and dynamic properties of NBR, NR, SBR, EPDM, Butyl and other Polychloroprene tires, it is essential that this wide range of bio-derived and bio-renewable additives, which are not subject to REACH regulations and can not be extracted, are used in these elastomeric matrices.